What a wonderful, and whimsical, way to show the kid in all of us!
Up to and including 7 "characters" for the $12.00 pricing.  

If your family needs are more than 7 characters, please place an additional order and leave us a note in the comment section of your order
form and we will combine both orders to make your family decal perfect.

Please be certain to let us know which characters and in which order (i.e.; A,B,C etc) separated by a comma
As an example:

Your family is:
Dad, Mom, Teen Girl, Teen Boy, Toddler girl  in that order
You would order:

We want to line these up height wise, so as to reflect your family.  

Also, if you are going to put your decal on a tinted window, remember that darker colors do not show up very well, so we suggest
staying with lighter color vinyl.  Should you not choose a color for your decal, we will cut and ship it in white.

The size of the "man", as an example, is 5 1/4" tall, making the total height of this decal right at 6 " tall.  Length, of course, depends
on how many characters you will need.

Thank you for allowing us to make your special family decal!
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