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The "squigglies" are included and look adorable!  The
total size of the above wall word as shown is 6" x 60.

Waterbrush font was used for the above Word Art
We offer USPS ground or USPS Priority Mail
shipping on all of our orders.  
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Safe and Secure Online Ordering
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Window Decals.net  
Columbia, MO  65203
All photos and designs contained in this website are copyright (c)
1997-2010.  Do not use any image or design without written permission.
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Kiss The Chef!
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May love be the heart of our home
I love cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food
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Waterbrush font used above
Color Choices
Click to Enlarge:
It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
This kitchen is seasoned with love
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Size of Man head is 6.5" tall.
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Our $14.00 price
accommodates 4
character heads.  If you
require more than four,
please place an
additional order or
contact us!  
These chef "heads" are just adorable in a kitchen!  You can
personalize them with names, your family name, or something
silly and fun!